This Is My Paradise

Welcome to my dark paradise. Sanctuary for all heartbreaks, fallen angels and wounded souls… Those who are outcasted and trying to run away from things inside their heads… Sometimes darkness is our only best friend because light is too bright and it doesn’t offer us any comfort. Sometimes only in darkness we can see the […]

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If Only…

Sometimes I wish… If only… If it was up to me, I would erase some parts of my memories so I don’t know you anymore. So, I don’t remember all the bitter-sweet memories we made. Because at the end of the day, I am left with nothing but pain and sufferings…

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…. and I don’t even remember anymore… too painful to remember. But let’s switch and have me say all those things to you… then what happened?

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They always told me to control my emotions, but no one ever tried to control theirs so that it doesn’t trigger the demons inside me. They called me “monster” but they refused to admit that I’ve changed because of them.

They always asked me to control my emotions, but no one ever tried to find out what is actually going on inside my head. They point their fingers at me without even realizing that their thumb is neutral and the other three fingers are pointing at themselves…

There is no justice. There has never been…

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[No] Unconditional Love

Love has become a commodity. An investment. People invest time, energy, feelings, emotions and sometimes even money in it… and they expect something in return. It is never just “I love you…” it has been “I love you, but…” Has sincerity died? Unconditional love is thrown away to a bottomless pit. Love is a business […]

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